How to Make Apk File in An Android Studio?

How to Make Apk File in An Android Studio?
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When you are developing an Android application, you should run it on the emulator or physical server. In case you want to share the app with someone else for their feedback, then you should share the APK that can be quickly installed into the Android device. Android studio has already set up a new project to deploy the Android Emulator. The majority of the folks are searching how to make apk file in android studio. Here we have briefed the process of making apk file in android studio.

If you have installed the application, then you will able to make the necessary changes to deploy the important codes and change the resources without building a new APK.

You should pay close attention to these steps, if you are really intended to create an apk file in android studio-

  • You will have to select the application from the run configuration drop-down menu.
  • You should choose a particular device where you want to run the app.
  • In case you don’t have a properly configured device, then you must connect the device through USB or create a particular AVD to make the use of the Android emulator.
  • Now, you should tap on the run section.

Customize the debug/run configuration

Whenever you are running an application for the first time, Android studio will surely make the use of the default run configuration. The default run/debug configuration will able to build a specific app, launch a particular default project activity & will make the use of Deployment target dialogue for the target selection of the device. Just in case default settings aren’t suitable to your module or project, then you will able to make the changes in run/debug configuration.

Make necessary changes in the Build variant.

Android Studio will able to build a debug version of the Apk file that is intended to use only the development when you are clicking the run. If you want to make changes in the build variant Android Studio, then you should choose to Build and select the Build variant in the menu bar.

Build the project

You will have to run the button builds & deploys a specific application to the device. In order to build the application to share with the Google Play, then you will have to make the use of one of the features in the Build menu that can compile parts. Before you choose any kind of build option that is listed in the table, compile parts.

Plugins & Libraries

Some plugins and libraries will able to make important changes to the manifest files of the application. These automatic updates can interfere with the Applying changes in the following methods-

  • If any plugin or library makes any kind of changes to the application manifest, then you will not be able to use Apply code changes or Apply changes.

The Main Difference Among Building Android APK & Generating the Signed APK file

The majority of the developers develop the unsigned APK file for testing purposes only. Moreover, these APK files will able to make publicly available. Google Play Store isn’t accepting files because these are completely unsecured. Unsigned APK is almost similar to the zipped files that will able to get unzipped without any kind of security.

You can also generate the signed APK files that are secured by the KeyStore credential that is created by the developer. You should add the password for security purposes. You will not be able to unzip the APK files. You can also use it for the purpose of production. In case you are generating a signed APK file, then it can be completely secured & acceptable in the Google Play Store.

Keep the key secure

If you are choosing to manage & secure the application signing key & KeyStore yourself, then you will have to secure the application signing key. Here are important tips for keeping the key safe and secure.

  • Make sure that you are choosing the strong password for the key & KeyStore.
  • You will not have to lend a private key to any person.
  • A person should keep the KeyStore file in a secure and safe place.

If you are following these common-sense precautions while generating, using & storing the key, then it will surely remain safe and secure.

Add a specific launcher icon.

Whenever you have created the new flutter application, then it comes with a default launcher icon. If you want to customize this icon, then you will have to pay close attention to the flutter launcher icons package.

  • You will have to do a review of the material design product icon guidelines carefully.
  • After that, you should tap on the directory and place the important icon files in the folder through configuration qualifiers. The default folders will able to demonstrate the genuine naming convention.
  • You need to update the application tag in the XML file.
  • To verify the icons that have been replaced, then you should run the application. After that, you should inspect the application icon in the launcher.

Signing the application

If you want to publish the application on PlayStore, then you will have to give the application a digital signature. Make sure that you are paying attention to the following important instructions to sign your app.

Create the KeyStore

In case you already have an existing KeyStore, then you should skip to the next step. Make sure that you are creating a safe and secure KeyStore.

Build the application bundle

This particular section will describe how to build a perfect app bundle. In case you have already completed the signing step, then the app bundle will surely sign. You need to obfuscate the dart code that will make it a little bit difficult to reverse the engineer. If you want to obfuscate the code, then it always involved adding the lots of flags to build a specific command and maintain additional important files. After that, you can also test the app bundle in a variety of ways.

The Final Verdict

These important steps will help you in creating the Apk file in the Android studio. Make sure that you are performing every step carefully. If you are facing any complicated problem while developing the application, then you should make contact with a professional developer who will surely solve the issues.