Top 10 Best Data Storage Cloud Services of 2020!!!

Top 10 Best Data Storage Cloud Services of 2020!!!
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Why you waste the storage space on a phone or PC where you will able to store your media and documents in the cloud. To get great cloud storage, then you should find out a company that will able to offer the best data storage cloud services.

Why You Should Prefer Right Data Storage Cloud Services?

You should opt for the right service provider that can supply the optimal amount of bandwidth and storage. You need to consider the right service provider where you can keep the data safe and secure.

List of Top 10 Data Storage Service Provider of 2020

The following are 10 great data storage cloud services of 2020.

  1. pCloud

pCloud is one of the great data storage cloud services that is offering no limit in the size of the file. This platform is making it ideal for storing the biggest files of media. This service is covering the mobile and desktop platform. They are also offering a web-based login.

The pricing plan of the pCloud membership is packed with lots of lifetime subscriptions. Every plan of the pCloud is packed with unlimited upload traffic & 20 days of trash history.

  1. Mega

When it comes to the best data storage cloud service, then Mega is the first name that comes in our mind. They are offering the data storage cloud that comes with an easy-to-use interface that is powered by the drag & drop action. They are offering one of the great cloud storage solutions. A mobile app will enable you to upload the pictures, files.

Mega will enable a person to store important files through an encrypted connection. Sync client is completely open-source. Paid subscription users will able to get access to four-tier options.

  1. OneDrive

Majority of the folks totally depends on the OneDrive that is considered as one of the great Microsoft’s cloud storage solution which is already integrated with file explorer. It will enable users to jumpstart their online backup. You can also get the access OneDrive on the IOS and Android. OneDrive is working with the office 365 suite and Microsoft office. Photos application will able to sync pictures across all the devices using OneDrive.

The mobile application is packed with a lot of great features like multi-page scanning that will enable you to scan the multiple pages quickly & save in a single document that can be accessed from any kind of device. The premium plan is packed with productivity tools, Office 365, and tighter security.

  1. iDrive

Nothing is better than iDrive that is secure and simple to use. This particular application will able to restore almost 30 previous versions of the backed-up file. iDrive is offering an iDrive express option that will surely grant you a physical hard disk. If you are using the iDrive, then you will able to keep the important files safe and secure.

It has become the best option for those who are searching for the facia recognition feature in the data storage platforms. This particular feature will surely automatically organize important pictures along with syncing them across all the lined drive. Businesses will able to opt-in for iDrive.

  1. iCloud

Nothing is better than iCloud that is relatively inexpensive and available for the IOS and macOS users. The standout feature will enable you to make access to services through Apple’s platforms. You will able to store anything via the Mac Finder application that integrates the iCloud Drive. They are offering a variety of subscriptions, and you should choose a subscription according to the requirements.

  1. Box

If you are searching for the data storage cloud service for the business, then Box would be an ideal option for you. You will able to get the two weeks trial on the business plan that is packed with unlimited storage, collaboration options. They are paying close attention to security with a variety of encryption methods.

Non-corporate users will able to get 10GB free space to test the storage. Box has become an established service provider that is supporting a variety of important applications like G-suite and office 365 that will enable syncing and viewing vital files from any device. Mobile users will able to use the official Android client.

  1. NextCloud

The majority of the folks are using NextCloud, which is the best online cloud-storage provider. It is considered as content collaboration and file sync platform, which is offering a particular software to install & administer cloud storage service on the own service.

It has become one of the great self-hosted products that will enable you to keep important data on the servers. This company is offering a particular self-hosted product that will enable you to keep important data on the servers.

  1. Dropbox

If you are looking for the best storage cloud service, then you should opt for the Dropbox because they are offering the free storage space up to 2GB. You will able to get important files from the Dropbox’s website, desktop software for the Mac, Linux, and windows. They are also offering a specific application on the IOS and Android that will enable you to make access to data anywhere and anytime.

  1. Google Drive

A lot of people are using Google Drive that will able to boasts great storage & a lot of extra things. This platform is used to be storage. If you are using Google Drive, then you will surely be able to get 15GB of free storage space. The Google Drive Storage prices start at $1.99 each month.

  1. NextCloud

NextCloud has become one of the great cloud storage platforms, which is offering sufficient security and privacy. This platform will enable you to set the cloud storage services through hard drives and existing servers.

Bottom Line

These are some great data storage cloud services that are continually offering a lot of benefits to the users. By investing a significant amount of time in the research, a person should pay close attention to the features and premium packages of the service provider.